American Ethanol, Inc.
Santa Barbara County, CA

The American Ethanol Group is a family of related companies developing community-based renewable energy and fuel production facilities.

American Ethanol, Inc. a California Corporation, was founded upon the premise that we must take thoughtful and immediate measures to improve our environment, create and support existing employment and diversify our existing domestic energy portfolio by creating renewable energy and renewable fuels.

We Believe
We will produce positive solutions

Investing in domestic renewable energy and renewable fuels, we are investing in improving our world, our nation, our state and our local neighborhoods.

Manufacturing, purchasing and fueling of Flexible Fuel Vehicles with renewable fuels will lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollutants.

Supporting the research and development of renewable energy and renewable fuels will lead to a future with fewer constraints upon our abilities to proactively utilize clean energy and improve our quality of life.